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CQUEST Viewer User Guide

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Welcome to the CQUEST Viewer user guide.

To find out more about the CQUEST Viewer click on the parts of the viewer screen below.

Navigation Panel Toolbar Panel Map Window Layer / Legend List Panel Overview Map

Toolbar Panel

The toolbar panel allows the user to identify the map data values, extract data, and print and save images of the map window.

Layer/Legend List - This tool opens the list of available layers for the map viewer.

Identify- This tool allows the user to select a point on the map to retrieve map values for all active layers in the map window.

Zoom To Location - This tool allows the user to enter either latitude/longitude coordinates or an address to zoom to in the map window.

Draw and Measure - This tool allows the user to draw vector shapes on the map and if the "show measurements" box is checked before the shape is drawn, then the measurement of the shape will be calculated.

Data Extract - This tool allows the user to extract and download a subset of all of the active map layers in the map window. First, the user must select a polygon area on the map and then the user selects which layers will be clipped and downloaded, finally the user selects the output file formats for the extracted files. All of the extracted files will be saved to a zip files on the user's computer.

Bookmarks - This tool allows the user to save user specified map extents in the map window for future reference.

Print Image - This tool allows the user to send a copy of the current map window image to a local printer.

Save Image - This tool allows the user to save a copy of the current map window image to a jpeg file on the user's computer. Once the the "Save Image" icon has been clicked, the user must then click the "Save As" button which appears at the top of the map to select a file name and destination directory for the jpeg image.

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Layer/ Legend List Panel

The Layer / Legend List Panel serves two purposes. First, this panel contains the list of layers which are available for display and query. Secondly, when the individual layers are expanded in this list, the legend for the layer is displayed in the list. As you can see from the image below, for each group of layers in the list, there is an additional menu which can be accessed by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the group layer name. This menu includes options such as zooming to the active layers (this option is also the only option available for the individual layers), changing the transparency of the layers, moving up the layer group in the layer list, expanding or collapsing all of the layers in the layer list and finally a description option which provides some metadata on the layers in the group.

Layer Legend Help

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Map Window

The Map Window is the central display portion of the CQUEST Viewer. The tools located in the toolbar panel allow the user to interact with the Map Window. Only the top most visible layers in the Layer / Legend List Panel will be visible in the Map Window.

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Navigation Panel

The navigation panel provides the tools for navigating around the map. It includes pan, zoom in, zoom out, and map rotation tools.

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Overview Map

The Overview Map provides a small scale rendering of the full extent map view. This window indicates the portion of the map that a user is zoomed into.

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