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Welcome to the CASA Global CQUEST Viewer. This page provides access to geographic data from NASA Ames Research Center, Biospheric Branch for carbon sequestration predictions throughout the World. This Viewer application allows users to display CASA Global CQUEST data interactively as a map, customize the view, query data values, extract areas of interest and print and download image files.


An Important capability of this viewer is that geographic data layers are displayed simultaneously and overlaid on-the-fly. Transparency tools are available for each data layer to enable the user to view multiple layers concurrently. Currently, the viewer includes 0.5 degree and 8km modeled carbon datasets for the globe as well as regional model predictions for California and baseline model predictions for the U.S. The viewer also includes political feature data for reference as well as global model input data such as MODIS EVI, soil, land cover and climate data. The carbon model output data is continually being updated to include the latest results for enhanced research and decision support.


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