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CASA-DART differs from other national drought monitoring efforts in that it is intended to be used for timely assessment of drought impacts on vegetation production and soil moisture management.

DART REPORT: Impacts of the 2011 Drought on Plant Production

Welcome to the CASA Drought Assessment and Response Tools (DART), developed at NASA Ames Research Center. CASA-DART offers data and analysis tools not found on any other drought response website. Our information layers are: 1) spatially detailed enough to support drought impact and recovery planning in different vegetation management types, e.g., grasslands, woodlands, forests, wetlands, urban areas, and 2) timely enough to be a valuable assessment tool, both during and between extreme drought events.

DART Viewer

Data layers in the CASA-DART map viewer are based on a fusion of the latest available NASA satellite observations of vegetation cover condition with gridded weather data. These regional layers are combined at several kilometers spatial resolution to provide users with detailed new image layers of changes in plant production, soil moisture, evapotranspiration, and a climate moisture index resulting from droughts. 2010 is used as the baseline year for change assessments. These CASA products are overlaid with other water resource data sets, such as stream gauge records and reservoir levels. Values in any data layer can be queried at user-selected location points or downloaded entirely for further user analysis.

DART Viewer


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